Monday, April 19, 2010

My Bravo.

God has seriously blessed me with such an amazing friend. Honestly, I have never met such a genuine & self less person in my life. Carmen is truly one of a kind & I'm so lucky to say she is my best friend.

Her good nature is contagious & very inspiring.

She's always stuck by my side & kept me grounded. Carmen has witnessed me at my worst and my best. Even at my worst she has never judged me.

I always enjoyed loafing and talking shit. *sigh* the good ol' days!

Good memories:
Teaching Carm how to drive a stick shift.
Non-gay Wednesday
Laughing at Hench walk into a wall
"Lick your hand"
Carrying me out of my rack & putting my shower shoes on for me on my birthday
Doing my hair for work when I pulled a muscle in my arm
The cat lady at the MAC store in Richmond
Our Richmond get away
"Can you at least shave your ankles?"
Ghetto haircuts on deployment
Teaching me how to Salsa, Bachata and Merigue (spelling?)
& many many more

I just wanted to dedicate something to you because I love you =)

I hope to see you soon my love.

I'll probably talk to you on the phone tomorrow. lol


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